Laser US Saw Laser Guides - About Us

LASERUS Inc. was formed in May of 2006, to address the growing interest in several patents developed and refined under the guidance of  Inventor, Robert Kelly, & Chief Engineer, Paul Bonsi.

The increased demand for these devices  formed the basis of the partnering the Vision of Mr. Kelly & Mr. Bonsi’s unique understanding of laser technology and how their uses will safely solve many every-day problems in the building & home improvement industries.

 Current Patents associated with Power Saw & Blades include U.S. Patent #5,862,727, patents pending 5,208,826 & 5,121,188)  & EXIT Laser Track Smoke Alarm #6,181,251.





Our Laser Arbor Saw Guides are based off of our proprietary technology and are protected by United States Patent Number 5,862,727 and patents pending. We make an almost universal laser arbor guide in two different versions to meet the saw laser guide needs of most customers to radial, miter, or circular hand held saws.

Thank you for visiting Laser US Inc. We are a family owned company that produces high quality laser products to meet your needs. Thank you again for your business.