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It is now possible for saw operators to use their saws in a safer and more accurate manner than ever before.

With the simple installation of the Laser Arbor Saw Guide from LaserUS Inc. an illuminated laser line shows exactly where the blade will cut before it even touches the material.


  • The saw laser guide is easy to use and install.
  • Cut will be aligned with the laser line.
  • You dont have to modify saw
  • Simply Replaces washer holding the blade
  • Interchangeable between saws with the same arbor diameter
  • The laser saw guide provides an instant warning should the operators hand or fingers be in danger.

By simply installing the Laser Arbor Saw Guide alongside the saw blade, a bright easy to see beam of light illuminates every time the saw is turned on. thanks to a battery operated laser, a unique switch designed to turn the laser on when the saw blade begins to rotate.

Once installed, there will be no more guessing where the blade will cut. More importantly, no further adjustments to the saw laser guide will be required for making quick, accurate, and safe cuts every time.

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